Why hire a grab lorry?

Grab lorries are becoming more and more popular among people who are doing work on their property, and as such are branching out from only appearing on professional building sites.

Grab lorries are one step on from hiring a skip, and if you have a lot of debris to move, are much easier and quicker than loading a skip by hand. So while it may appear more expensive to hire a grab lorry, it might well work out cheaper in the long run. Grab lorries can clear a site quickly and easily and totally eliminate the need for skips.

Grab hire trucks are available in many sizes, and the grab services company should be able to advise on the size that you need for the amount of debris that you need to clear.

Hiring a grab lorry means that you have more manpower free to carry on working, as the company will provide someone to operate the truck and drive it away when it is full.

As grab lorries have a variety of size and reach of the grab handle, they can clear a site much more easily and quickly than people with wheelbarrows and a skip.

You don’t lose time waiting for a full skip to be collected when you decide to use a grab lorry.

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